Monday, June 5, 2017

The Yildiz 12 Gauge Folding Shotgun

Right off the bat I thought what a nice looking single shot shotgun.  Even though this Turkish made folding shotgun sells for only $159.99 at Academy Sports it has a nice looking wood stock and silver receiver with some scroll engraving.  The day I was in Academy they had them on the daily hot deal for $129.99.  I am a sucker for bargain guns so one came home with me. This single shot has a 28 inch solid ribbed barrel with a brass bead and modified choke.  The safety is an unmarked manual thumb safety with the forward position being the ready to fire position.  The shotgun breaks open by pulling a lever in front of the trigger guard  which also cocks the firearm. Let me say this gun is light, really light weight. It weighs about half of what my over under weighs. The gun weighs only 4 3/4 pounds and has a three inch chamber.  I don't think I would fire a three inch shell in this gun unless I absolutely had to.  Light dove loads were punishing in this firearm.  I shot about half a box of the new Winchester AA Super Sport Sporting Clays loads provided by Ammo to Go for testing.  They patterned very well and at 1350 fps they reached out and powdered clays with the one ounce load but the recoil of the 3 1/2 dram load in the 4 3/4 pound firearm with no recoil pad was punishing.  I will be shooting these shells next week in a Stoeger M3k race gun and will report more on the load.  As far as this folding lightweight shotgun I would recommend one of the new recoil absorbing recoil pads if you will be shooting it much. 

If you think by now that I don't like this lightweight gun you are very wrong.  I am not going to stand and shoot a round of trap with it but I would like to carry it under the back seat for whenever I need a shotgun.  It will fit into small areas and would make a great survival gun with a few of the different caliber inserts.  It could be carried in a backpack or bug out bag without adding a lot of weight.  All in all it seems a quality made lightweight shotgun for not a lot of money. Mine is folded and under the backseat of the truck. I will be ordering a new recoil pad for it. Wild Ed

PS:  Some of you are going to look at this gun folded and think wouldn't it be neat if the barrel was cut off even with the stock when folded.  Two things stop me from doing this, one is you would lose the modified choke and the other is I would not want to be the one to test fire it because of the weight lost with that extra barrel length.  If any of you cut one down let me know how it works out.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. I have a very similar shotgun in .410 and the recoil feels almost like a 20 gauge. The 12 gauge model's recoil must be 'substantial'. It surely does look very compact for the pack / vehicle trunk and you can't beat that price($129) - you got a great deal.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Yildez considers making a 20 gauge version of this one. One of my brother's favorite guns of his teenage years was a H&R 20 gauge that he carried as a woodsroamer. Killed quite a few whitewing / mourning dove during season, as well as a few buzzworms.

The prices seen on those discontinued single shot 'Farmer's Friends' are pretty outrageous. Last time I looked, going for $200 and up. Thats just crazy when you can buy a used pump for the same price.

Wild Ed said...

Savage/Stevens is coming out with the model 301 single shot hammer fired shotgun in the old "Farmers Friend" style. I will retail for under $175.00 But looks to have a plastic stock. Ed