Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Semiautomatic Shotgun

I recently got to handle and shoot a Stoeger M3K shotgun and boy was I impressed.  The shotgun is based on the Benelli recoil system and is made in Turkey. Beretta owns Benelli and Stoeger thus the use of the Benelli patented recoil system. It may not be the quality of a Beretta or Benelli but it is plenty rugged and cost about half what you pay for the Italian models.  The shotgun is based on the Stoeger M3000 shotgun with some major improvements.  It handles both 2.75 and 3 inch shells which it fires and recycles with blazing speed.  It has an oversize safety, bolt release, bolt handle and beveled loading port making it perfect for night use as well as 3 gun competition.  Along with a 24 inch barrel that makes it great for swinging on a platform or in the back of a pickup.  I plan on using this shotgun for night predator hunting and the oversize controls will also work great for that.  Nordic and MOA both make magazine extension tubes for this gun so that you can load it with 10 plus rounds if wanted depending on tube length.  It comes with shim kit to adjust the stock so the shotgun shoots right where you look which is another plus for shooting at night and low light situations.  Most of the people buying this gun are planning on using it to shoot 3 gun competitions.  I believe it is probably the best shotgun available for the money for predator hunting or a self defense tactical shotgun.  The suggested retail is $699.00 but it can be found at most of the big sporting stores for about $100.00 less.  Take a look at it and see what you think.  Wild Ed

    • Stoeger’s famous Inertia Driven operating system
    • Red-bar fiber-optic front sight for easy target acquisition
    • Includes three extended choke tubes (cylinder, improved cylinder and modified)
    • Oversized bolt release, safety and extended bolt handle
Thanks to Stoeger's famous low-maintenance Inertia Driven® operating system, Stoeger's Model 3000 M3K 3-Gun Semiautomatic Shotgun outperforms every other shotgun in its class. The 24” vent-rib barrel has a red-bar fiber-optic front sight for quick and easy target acquisition, even in low-light conditions. Comes with three extended choke tubes (cylinder, improved cylinder and modified). Buttstock accommodates optional recoil reducer (not included) to tame the recoil of heavy field loads. Includes shim kit to adjust the fit of the gun for drop and cast. Oversized bolt release and safety with extended bolt handle and beveled loading port. Receiver is drilled and tapped for mounting a scope. and both have magazine extension kits to fit the Stoeger M3K. It is pretty much an order the kit and put it on type of job, just follow the instructions. I do recommend a barrel magazine clamp for hunting use.


Anonymous said...

One of our clients owns a ranch in Pantagonia, where dove hunts can net many many kills. His opinion is that the Beretta is one of the few shotguns that is durable enough to take the abuse of them.

If Stoeger is making a less expensive version of those, that is good enough for me. Thanks for the review.

Wild Ed said...

Stoeger is not making Beretta or Benelli shotguns but Beretta does own them both thus Stoeger is using the Benelli Recoil Patent. If I wanted the best predator or 3 gun model I would personally buy the Benelli M2 but it cost over twice as much as the Stoeger M3K. I could not justify dragging that expensive of a gun around on predator hunts. I still believe the Stoeger to be the best buy for me and most guys that are not pro level in three gun or use the gun for hunting. As for me I ordered the Stoeger M3K