Monday, June 5, 2017

Beauty Kills the Beast

In my blog this week I am going to brag a little, not about me my head is big enough already.  I want to tell you about my beautiful niece, Kayli and her recent hunt.  Kayli has grown up around her father, her granddad and me going on hunts, fishing trips and other adventures.  She has listened to us telling the stories over and over.  Kayli has become quite the huntress and has several bow and rifle kills under her belt.  This last week she got to go on a night-time hog hunt with Greg Hein at Hill Top Ranch Exotics out of Copeland, Texas.  She was shooting an AR 10 in .308 with a Pulsar Thermal Scope.  Kayli had made several hunts trying to score on a big hog with good teeth but just could not find the one she wanted to take.  Finally this hog was located and she made the shot.  Congrats on a great hog Kayli.  Besides monster hogs Hill Top Ranch offers hunts for most of the major Texas Exotics.  They are not far from Austin and offer a good hunt opportunity.  You can give Greg a call at 512-844-0252 for more information on the hunts they offer.  Wild Ed

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