Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Semi-Automatic Shotgun Round Two

A couple of months ago I wrote a review on the Stoeger M3K semi-automatic shotgun built for the the sport of 3 gun shooting.  I was so impressed with the gun I handled and reviewed that I ordered one for myself.  I made one major modification and installed the MOA magazine extension so that my firearm now holds 10 rounds or 11 with a ghost round.  After shooting this gun for more than a month with all types of ammo I am convinced this is one of the best tactical shotguns made.  I set mine up for predator hunting even though it would be just fine for birds but I would have to remove the magazine extension or make up a really long plug to bring it to the three shot capability required for dove or duck hunting.

I have fired over 150 rounds through this new shotgun without a single malfunction.  It handled everything from light one ounce loads (even though it is recommended to break it in with heavy loads) to buckshot and maximum high speed trap and sporting clays loads.  It fires so fast that I had to slow down my fire rate just to recover and stay on target.  Ammo to Go sent me some of the new Winchester AA Super Sport Sporting Clays rounds to run through the gun.  This one ounce 3 ½ dram load shoots with amazing speed with the velocity somewhere around 1350 fps.  It absolutely crushed clays when I did my part.  It patterned very well on the target board and the reloadable AA rounds fed through the M3k flawlessly. For those looking for a fast one ounce load for the three gun competition this round should be considered.

I bought this gun with two purposes in mind.  Number one was to be a self-defense firearm for the ranch and home if ever needed.  Number two was to be used on hunts for predators where I might need a lot of shots and have to deliver them with speed.  I believe loaded with buckshot this shotgun will make the finest hog or coyote weapon available inside of 75 yards.  If you get a chance to try the Stoeger M3K give it a run, you might find in makes an impression on you just like it did me.  Wild Ed


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. The only semi-auto shotgun I ever owned was the obligatory Remington 1100 in 20 guage - I later sold it to my brother who is a fan of semi-autos. I prefer pumps myself but that review does sound good - I will send a link for it to my brother.

Wild Ed said...

I always carried a pump on my night time predator until I had a Mossberg 500 wood forearm shear the threads that hold the forearm on the stock. After that I carried an Remington 870 or H&R Pardner in the Turkey model. I will have no qualms about carrying the Stoeger M3k or any of the 3000 models. If one were to jam for whatever reason the large bolt handle would make it easy to clear. I only have now about 250 rounds through mine but I have but all sorts of shells and mixed and matched out of a drawer of old shot shells with nary a hiccup. Thanks for the comment Ed said...

Stoeger MK3 3-Gun, a top gun
Reviews have been flowing in with very high praises towards the Stoeger MK3 3-Gun Semi-Automatic Shotgun. This gun can be used for multiple purposes, from basic defense, to be stored at home, to recreational shooting, targeting wild pig and coyote. Reviews from both kinds of people have been pouring in for this very steady gun, with minimal to no issues at all with using it. One thing is for sure, this shotgun is consistent to what it promises to be. One review comes out as well that over 150 rounds have been used on this shot gun for hunting for wild boar, and it has not given him any issue at all. It also has been made to be flexible to some personal modifications, should a user want to make some additional bells and whistles to it. Overall, this is a sturdy, reliable and strong shotgun, that definitely should be a consideration for people who are looking to invest in a shotgun.