Friday, August 5, 2016

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport

A Winchester .22 long rifle was the first real rifle I ever fired as a child and I have owned many different rifles in that caliber in my time on this planet.  If I could have only one rifle it would be chambered in the .22 long rifle cartridge.  Most near anything can be taken with it if need be and although not advertised as a defense round I often carry one exactly for that reason and do not feel under gunned.  One can carry hundreds of rounds of ammo in a pocket and the cost will not damage your wallet near as much as the cost of center fire cartridges.  I have always wanted a .22 long rifle in an AR-15 platform but have not found one I really like and preferred less weight than all of them I have previously tried out.  Some of the others .22 rifles look like an AR-15 but don’t really work or function like an AR-15 so are not really a proper training rifle for the AR rifle platform.
I recently got the chance to check out the new S&W M&P 15-22 Sport.  The gun is a lightweight reinforced polymer .22 long rifle that has a 25 round magazine or an optional 10 round magazine.  The sights are Magpul folding sights adjustable for windage and elevation.  It has a full top picatinny rail so that any preference of optics can be attached. The model I was shooting was in Krypetk Highlander Camo but they come standard in black along with Muddy Girl Camo and other options available.  It has a six position adjustable stock and fully functional charging handle.   A ½”-28 threaded barrel with removable flash hider/muzzle brake allows one to use a suppressor on this rifle if desired. This rifle weighs only 5 pounds which makes it a perfect training rifle for kids and women.  Once they have trained with this lightweight rifle they will be able to operate any of the AR-15 variants in center fire calibers as they work exactly the same just heavier and more recoil.  It has all the standard AR-15 operating buttons, safety and disassembles basically the same. The uppers and lowers are not interchangeable with AR-15 rifles but many of the same parts such as triggers, stocks and accessories can be used on the 15-22.  Accuracy seems on par with my other open sight twenty two rifles.  I did not bench test the rifle for accuracy but was able to bounce cans and rocks out to fifty yards with the peep sights with no problem. I have put around 500 rounds through this little rifle without any kind of hiccup.   This is pretty amazing considering I did not oil or clean this rifle as I wanted to see how it would perform right out of the box. This would be a great little rifle to grab when the wolf or any other varmint is at the door.  The suggested retail price is $499.99 for the standard black model but it can be found for less in the big box stores or on sale.  I think this will be a fun rifle for all the kids in the family, young or old.   I know the grandkids will love shooting this rifle if they can get it away from me. 
 Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe, Wild Ed

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport Kryptek Highlander Features:

Built from the ground up with all of the standard operating features of a modern center fire AR-style rifle, the M&P15-22 Sport is chambered in 22LR and features a variety of product enhancements. These enhancements include the 10-inch M&P Slim Hand guard with Magpul M-LOK, Magpul MBUS sights (front and rear), a 6-position telescoping stock, and a 2-inch M-LOK Rail Panel.

The new M-LOK enhancements to the M&P15-22 Sport allows for a wide range of customization options for a variety of optics and accessories.

·         10” M&P Slim Handguard with Magpul M-LOK

·         Magpul MBUS Folding Sights

·         Easy to Mount M-LOK Accessories

·         2” M-LOK Rail Panel Included

·         6-Position CAR Stock

·         Functioning Charging Handle

·         Shell Deflector

·         2-Position, Receiver Mounted Safety Lever

Firearm Specifications

·         Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson

·         SKU: 10211

·         Model: M&P15-22 Sport with Kryptek Highlander Finish

·         Caliber: .22 LR

·         Action: Semi-Auto Blow Back

·         Capacity: 25+1 Rounds

·         Barrel Length: 16.5” (41.9 cm)

·         Front Sight: Folding MBUS

·         Rear Sight: Folding MBUS

·         Overall Length: 33.75” (85.7 cm) Extended 30.70” (77.9 cm) Collapsed

·         Grip: Polymer

·         Weight: 5 lbs. (2 268.0 g)

·         Barrel Material: Carbon Steel

·         Upper and Lower Material: Polymer

·         Finish: Kryptek Highlander


Saturday, June 25, 2016

One of My Favorite Texas Singer Song Writers, Sunny Sweeney

Sunny Sweeney is a great talent and writes some lyrics that hit home hard.  She is from Texas and can often be seen and heard on the Texas Music scene.  Here are a few of my favorites for you to enjoy.  Wild Ed


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Observe Fawns From a Distance

I left the house yesterday right after sunrise headed to town.  I was on my way to help my uncle move some lumber from his house up to his place in the country.  On the way I was treated to the rare sight of a Hill Country White-tailed Doe nursing her fawn.  I see lots of fawns throughout the spring and summer but it is rare to see one actually nursing. 

It reminded me that I needed to post a warning about touching these little fawns. This is the time of year that people come across these darling little creatures and want to pick them up or feel they are abandoned and think they are saving them.  Do not touch it, if you get your scent on it the doe may not take it back when she returns.  Deer bond based on smell and if that smell is strange she will not accept the young deer as her fawn.

Not only are fawns found out in the countryside but also in city neighborhoods as we encroach into their habitat with housing developments. In Suburbia the deer are quite at home with living on the forage found in large yards and greenbelts. Several generations have been raised among the houses and traffic and thus it is normal for them. What is not normal are the numbers of fawns that are picked up by well-meaning souls that find them laying in the yard or on the edge of a hike and bike trail. A doe will place her fawn somewhere she feels is secure and go off to feed. She will later return to check the fawn and nurse it as needed. So many city folks that run across these fawns think they are abandoned or the mother is dead and take them. Not being equipped nor trained in raising deer they either have to get help or try to raise it themselves. Many cannot get the little fawn to nurse or give it the wrong kind of milk and start it towards a cruel death even though they had good intentions. Rehabbers in our area have an overabundance of whitetail fawns they are raising because of the well-intentioned people that have picked them up.

Remember that if you find a fawn leave it where it is unless it is covered by fire ants or is actually in real danger. Do not get your scent on it. The doe will return and retrieve her fawn later. If you really think it is abandoned come back and check on it later just before dark. Ninety-nine percent of the time the doe will have moved it. It is illegal for you to possess a fawn in Texas so if it truly needs help you should go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and locate a licensed rehabber in your area. They will take the fawn and give it a chance to survive. Feel free to observe the beautiful wildlife of Texas, but do it from a distance, Wild Ed