Monday, January 22, 2018

A Beautiful Buck and A Beautiful Girl

My niece Kayli is one of those special people that is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.  I have hunted for years with her grandfather and later her father.  I like to think that I influenced her will to hunt.  She has become quite the huntress and is starting to rack up an impressive list of trophies.  She sent me this about her latest hunt along with the pictures and the following is as she wrote it.

Uncle Ed,
I shot this 16 point on December 18 at L and L Adventures.  It was super foggy all morning, we drove around and corned all the roads and saw lots of animals. I had my mind set on what I wanted my buck to look like so we kept driving and hunting.  Finally when the fog started to clear we saw this buck come down from a hillside.  We let him come in and settle down. Then I set up my shooting sticks and took a shot at 150 yards, hit him perfect in the shoulder and he ran about 60 yards.  When I found him he ended up being a lot bigger than I thought he was!  My biggest buck so far! 

 I think she was pretty excited.

Congrats on your magnificent buck Kayli.  I am happy he was bigger than you thought as lots of mine through the years have suffered from ground shrinkage.  Uncle Ed


"Zack" said...

Good show!

tjansen said...

Congratulations Kayli on a Great Harvest. Ed is the type person to help keep the Hunting, Harvesting sport going with the next generations. You are blessed to have Ed and a Great Harvest.
Stay safe and enjoy.
Tom Jansen

Wild Ed said...

Tom this is Ken's grand daughter

Anonymous said...

That is a FINE buck - she should be proud. Your niece sounds like a breath of fresh air. Most teens we are acquainted with would not be happy with getting up before the dawn to watch out for a crossing buck. That would cut into their 'texting' and lifting their heads from the screen.

mike said...

That is a really great buck! way to goMike