Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ammo To Go, Coming Reviews and Other Meanderings

When I started this Blog around ten years ago it was mostly for my grand kids and friends.  It became a way to keep records of some of our life experiences along with being a journal of special hunts and activities.  I never expected it to become an award winning Blog and when it did it became difficult to keep up with the demand for writing articles.  Later I received requests to publish some of my articles in newspapers and magazines and the blog became more and more like work.  The only revenue from the Blog was Google AdSense which sent me a small check once in a blue moon which covered mostly cold drinks or some ammo for a hunt or two.  Google changed the way they calculate earnings and I have had no revenue from the Blog for over a year, they do serve to keep this Blog going and all the articles stored for my readers so I have no gripes.  This blog does not have sponsors or financial support and it gets difficult to get a hold of enough firearms and ammo to do the number of reviews I do on this Blog.  I no longer crank out an article a week but this old rancher will try and keep enough going for those of you that have been loyal readers. 

Most of my friends and relatives know that if they get a new gun they will have to let me review it.  When I have visitors that come on a hunt or shoot I always ask to shoot their guns and interview them about it so I can write a review.  I hit Wally World and Academy for all the ammo sales so I can shoot these guns with ammo at least bought on sale to keep the expenses down.  Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Maggie at Ammo To Go saying that she had read my latest review of the Stoeger M3K shotgun and would I like to review the new Winchester AA Super Sport Sporting Clays 12 gauge one ounce load.  I told her I would be more than happy to do so as I had reviews on two 12 gauge shotguns and one .357 revolver I was working on as time permits.  Two days later I had a package delivered at the front gate of the ranch by UPS.  Manna from heaven as they say, there were 8 boxes of 12 gauge Winchester AA shells along with three boxes of PMC .357 cartridges.  One day after delivery I got an email from Scott at the customer service department asking if my shipment had arrived and if everything was in order. If this is normal, customer service is alive and well at this Texas based company.  I will be reviewing this ammo along with a follow up on my very own Stoeger M3k, the MOA shotgun magazine extension tube, the Yildiz 12 gauge folding single shot shotgun and the Uberti El Patron Cowboy Mounted Shooting model revolver in .357 magnum. I wanted you to know in advance so you can watch for the reviews and so you could check out Ammo To Go as they have weekly specials.  They also have a good Blog page with lots of shooting information at The Lodge. Tell them Wild Ed sent you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. I'm a fan of the Farmer's Friend (single shot folding shotgun). Very practical, not much to go wrong and easy to teach a new shooter how to work.

I'm interested in the Yildiz folding shotgun, I already have the .410 Academy sold version and it is a fine light carrying woodsroamer. Pretty long snout (28" ?) - they should consider a shortened version that when folded, muzzle matches the butt of gun, just for compactness sake. One thing that surprised me - the light (3 lb. ?) weight of this .410 puts felt recoil near a 20 gauge feel, at least to my shoulder.

Nice to hear from you - thanks for the update. Very nice of your sponsers to supply some free ammo for testing.

Wild Ed said...

Ammo To Go is not a sponsor of the blog but just offered the ammo to review. It was very nice of them. The 12 gauge Yildiz in now being sold by Academy for $159.99
I have shot it and will cover the weight, barrel length and recoil in my review. A shorter version would be nice but if you cut the current one down you would lose the modified choke. Also I am not sure I would like to pull the trigger on one that was any lighter in weight. Ed