Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lampasas Rice Chinese Buffet

Once in a great while I review a restaurant in Central Texas that I think is worth my readers knowing about.  I never let the restaurant know that I will be reviewing them and if they are not worthy I don't do a review.  So if I tell you about a place it is because I will be eating there.  In Lampasas we have recommended several in the past such as Brads and Storms. We have been coming to our family place outside of Lampasas for many years and often end up eating in town. There are not a whole of lot of places to eat, at least not like Round Rock where we moved from. Now that we live here we are very aware that there are only so many places to have a meal.  We have driven by Lampasas Rice many times but never talked with anyone that had eaten there to get a review or their opinion of the food. Yesterday we decided to check out Lampasas Rice for ourselves and went in for the noon buffet and were pleasantly surprised. The food was pretty much typical oriental dishes plus some we did not expect such as boiled crawfish, stuffed crab and peel your own shrimp.  Fried and steamed rice both were offered on the buffet, along with egg drop soup and hot and sour soup. All that I ate was delicious with a couple of dishes maybe a little heavy on garlic. The fried chicken wings, Jalapeno Chicken, fried shrimp, corn puffs and the sweet and sour chicken were my favorite.  The hot mustard was fantastic and the hottest I had ever eaten.  I ate too much and did not get around to a lot of the dishes to sample, but plan on it in the near future.  They also had a dessert bar including a dip your own ice cream cart. My wife had ice cream but I had the fried shrimp for dessert so maybe next trip. The waitress was professional and polite and made sure our drinks were kept full while taking away plates as needed, The best part was it was an enjoyable sit down lunch for $6.35 plus your drink (Tea was $1.69) The total bill was cheaper than most burgers and fry combos in the area.  The interior was clean, semi dark and not a lot of ambiance but my wife and I had a good quiet conversation over a good meal.  I hope this place goes over so I can stop in and eat lunch there on a regular basis.  We are looking forward to trying the evening buffet, I sign outside advertised that they have ribs on the buffet at night.  We also plan on trying the takeout when we have company sometime. Wild Ed

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