Monday, October 3, 2011

Red Ale Bottled

My first batch is now bottled, just need to wait three weeks to sample it.  Brewing the ale was not hard but it does take some work.  The cost was about half of what you would pay for a similar product at the store not counting the cost of equipment.  You would have to make several batches to pay for the equipment and recognize the savings.  There is something to be said for making it yourself.  My goal is to learn a lot of the old skills this generation did not learn and pass them on to someone in the next generation.  Take a kid for a day and teach them a skill you know, Wild Ed

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tjansen said...

Looks good . Even have labels ! !
I had a friend in Fl when I was growing up that his Father made Bathtub Beer. He would make 4 cases at a time and bottled and capped and set them in the garage. If he added tooo much yeast his garage would smell like Beer when the tops blew. I was too young to taste, 13 or 14. Sadly Albert died of septic Blood at about 50. Enjoy.