Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Boy, A Dog and Their First Dove Hunt

How many of you remember your first dove hunt? I’m not talking about just getting to go along and be a dove chasing water boy, but to sit with a shotgun and get to really hunt. I will always remember my first hunt and all the shells it took for me to kill two dove. It may have taken nearly a box but they were shot out of the air even if they were slowing to land on a dead tree near the stock pond.  I did not have a dog on my first dove hunt and in fact I was grown and out on my own before I ever hunted with a trained dog.  What an experience to get to hunt with a dog that could find the dove I dropped in tall sunflowers and retrieve that dove to hand.  I was to spend many years hunting with trained dogs and all of them are special memories.  It must be wonderful to go on your first hunt and have a great bird dog.  Not only to have a great bird dog, but a great bird dog that thinks you are the greatest hunter in the world.  From their looks in the picture above Hunter and Doc know that feeling.  For some reason I don't think they will ever forget it, Wild Ed

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