Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiocchi .45 ACP Ammo Review

I went out to the family place this last weekend and while I was there tested a box of Fiocchi 230 grain FMJ .45acp ammo furnished by
This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases. It comes in a cardboard box with plastic ammo organizer holding the rounds in place.
My brother and I took three .45 acp pistols to run this ammo through to check it for reliability. A Kimber and Taurus 1911 style along with a Ruger P345 double action.  The ammo performed flawlessly in all three pistols. I carry a .45 for self defense and sometimes as a backup on hog hunts so I am very concerned with reliability and feeding. The ammo was shot at seven yards and twenty yards, all free hand. Some was shot in rapid fire and some in very rapid fire. Out of 50 rounds there were no jams, hiccups or stove pipes, just as one would expect from FMJ hardball ammo. The ammo had plenty of power and more than acceptable accuracy for off hand combat style shooting. If I slowed my rate of fire the ammo just ate out a big circle in the bull. Lucky gunner carries a full line of .45 acp ammo
along with ammo for most any caliber you might need whether Long gun, Handgun. Rimfire or Shotgun.

Seven rounds at seven yards rapid fire.

Remainder of ammo fired from 20 yards rapid fire and at red dots on right side of target from 20 yards slow fire.
The next time you need some good ammo for a cheap price give a try.  I think you will be pleased, Wild Ed

45 Ammo


ChileFarmer said...

Great site, Thanks. You getting any rain over there? Were to far to the East, maybe get a little I hope CF

Wild Ed said...

Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Thank God it rained here last night and this morning. I hope we got some rain out at the place west of Lampasas, but I haven't talked to anyone over that way as of yet.

Zachary Kourrair said...

Hey,you know you compact 1911, what grips are they & what make is it? Have a great day, Wild Ed

Wild Ed said...

Zach they were custom made from South American Red Stag. I bought them off of a guy on ebay several years ago. Glad you like them. Ed