Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fishing In Port O' Conner

I haven't had the time or opportunity to go fishing at the coast in quite a while so this week I am living my fishing through my younger brother.  Hopefully I will get to go in the future, but in the mean time maybe Mike's story will feed your fishing need, Wild Ed

POC Trip

We left the dock around 7:00am on Sunday morning heading for the jetties in Port O’Conner. With storms lurking all around, POC was about the only place it wasn’t raining. The seas were rough as we headed around to the surf side of the jetty. Due to the large sets of breaking waves, we could not anchor too close to jetty. The first few minutes, we hooked into a couple of nice reds followed by two large jacks and the long battle required to boat them on small tackle. The reds continued to bite for the next two hours. All together we boated 11 slot reds, tagged three slightly oversize reds and released 3 large oversize reds. The reds slowed down, but just as quickly the Spanish mackerel and trout took their place. We managed to land 8 nice smacks and 3 nice specs up to 24”. The seas were getting rough and the thunder getting closer, so we moved to the inside channel and soon got into the black drum, sheepshead and large ladyfish. The 3 sheepshead were undersize but we managed to catch 7 nice eating size black drum and release several large ladyfish before the lightning started getting too close for comfort. On the way in, the temperature dropped quickly and we could see the green-tinted clouds getting nasty all around. One boat told of being caught in a hail storm. Back at the docks around 11am, it became clear that we had caught the lion’s share of the fish that day. Boats were lined up in the rain trying to get out before the storms got any worse. To top off a perfect day of fishing, a large shrimper followed us into the docks and we bought 20 pounds of huge white shrimp for $4 a pound. Another awesome fishing trip at POC. (Yes, the wives had us book another trip week after next!) This was only my 2nd trip to POC and both times have been awesome.

Give Capt. Marty Medford and his son Capt. Matt Medford a call at “Fish of A Lifetime Guide Service”  361-983-3474  They did all the work and we just had to reel the fish in! After it was all over we went by Capt. Marty’s place and Momma had us a piece of the best pecan pie I have ever put in my mouth and that ain’t no fishin story! Wild Ed and I are going to have to make POC one of our regular fishing spots.  Mike

Great story and adventure that makes me jealous, but I am glad you guys had a great time in the Texas Outdoors. I think Marty will owe me a piece of Momma's pecan pie.  Wild Ed

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