Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 3 Panel Boat, Canoe or Pirogue

You can read about the above boat built by Gerald at the following link

Ever since I went to Mike Bull’s boat building class and learned to build a boat people seem to think I can answer their questions about boat building. The expertise came from Mike Bull and I just put labor where he told me to put it. I have on the other hand put a tremendous amount of study into what boat I am going to build next. I don’t think I am ready to tackle a strip built kayak or cedar style strip canoe quite yet. What I am going to build is another 3 panel boat similar to the boat I built in class but with less flare and rocker. It is called a 3 panel boat because it is basically a bottom and two sides. You fit the three pieces together and there is your boat.

By the number of emails I got asking boat building questions there are a lot of people out there that want to try to build a wood boat. Lots of people that see my boat want to know how to build their own boat. Many have asked what I would build if I did not go to a class to learn to build a boat. I did not have the woodworking skills to build a boat without some guidance so the class was the very best way for me to build a boat. For those of you with woodworking skills I still recommend a class or someone with experience to guide you through your first boat. If you want to do it on your own then I would build a Cajun style pirogue or 3 panel boat. If you search on the Internet for pirogue plans you will find some for sale and even some plans for free. The easiest to build in my opinion comes with plans, a pre-cut bow, stern and rib pieces in a kit from Uncle John’s.

The kit price is reasonable and comes with a set of instructions on how to build the boat that most can understand. If you want to cut your own bow, stern and ribs just buy the plans. I have no interest or attachment to this company but did buy one of their kits that I will be putting together in the near future.

These little boats will teach you a lot and get you started in boat building. You can build them out of cheap plywood, marine plywood or even cedar strip them like a fancy handmade kayak, which is how I hope to build my kit. They can be decked or left open as you please. You can fiberglass , varnish or paint your boat for protection from the elements. The better the wood and finish you put on the boat the longer it will last. I am showing a few pictures from different builders and how their kits turned out. I hope you are as proud of your own boat as I am of mine. I hope my kit turns out as nice looking as the ones in the pictures, I know those guys must be really proud of their boats. Wild Ed

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Canoe Motor Mount said...

Wow, what a great job. That's one very nice looking canoe. Congrat's on a job well done! My father-in-law has a heap of canoes which I have a paddle in occasionally but nothing that nice. Enjoy it.