Monday, June 7, 2010

Catch a Really Big Freshwater Fish, REALLY BIG

Have you ever caught a really big fresh water fish? A few of you have caught a pretty big bass or a large catfish. Some of you may have caught a large gar or and even less have caught a large carp. Who would want to catch a carp you ask? Lots of people, carp fishing is one of the fastest growing groups of fisherman in the State. Many are using special rigs and European style fishing tactics to catch this large fish.

Carp are not native to this country and most people do not eat them. I have tried carp and it is not bad, but it is full of bones. The smaller ones are better to eat if you would like to try it. If you hook up with one of the large ones you will not believe the fight and endurance of the lowly carp. I have seen people take a long time to whip one down and I have also seen them break lines and rods.

You can fish for them the way I used to by just burying a small circle hook or treble hook in a dough ball made of Wheaties and Big Red. One can also get all tied up in the European style of Carp fishing with hair rigs and boilies. If you want to have a blast fishing for a hard fighting abundant species in freshwater try the carp. You may catch a 15, 20, 25 pound or even larger fish. In fact you may catch the largest freshwater fish of your life. Here are a few links to some of my favorite carp fishing websites.

Go catch a big one, Wild Ed


Rick Kratzke said...

Now that is a big fish. I bet it took awhile to reel him in.

Wild Ed said...

Carp fishing and carp tournaments are getting attention in Texas. Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake), located on the Colorado River in the heart of the capital city, is gaining a reputation as a world-class trophy carp fishery. The lake is home to the annual Austin Team Championship, which attracts anglers from several states and a few other countries. Lady Bird Lake was also the site of the 2006 Texas Carp Challenge, which caused quite a stir when one angler caught a 43.13-pound carp and won $250,000 for setting a new state record. This carp is supposed to be the fish that has set the State Record twice.

steveo_uk said...

Carp are alot of fun, I used to fish for them in the UK, suprised more people dont !