Thursday, September 17, 2009

Texas First Legal Crossbow Season

The first Texas Archery season in which crossbows are legal archery equipment will start in just a few days. I hope that if you are taking to the field with a crossbow or a regular bow for the first time that you have been practicing for opening day. A crossbow is not a rifle like bow that shoots long distance as many believe. It has a very short power stroke and a rainbow trajectory with the short bolts it fires. It also makes a lot of noise when fired and deer will jump the string or duck from the sound. I limit my shots to 25 yards and aim at the lower third of the deer just at the back shoulder line just in case the deer ducks at firing.
Remember to give the deer time to expire before taking up the trail and that archery requires more dedication to tracking as the animal expires from hemorrhaging by the broadhead and there is no knockdown shock as in a rifle shot. I think that most will find that the crossbow is not a threat to archery seasons or hunters and will just add a few more hunters to the ranks. If you are like some in my family it will allow more kids to get out in the woods with their parents this year. Whatever you choose remember to be safe this season and take someone new to hunting out for an adventure. Have a great Hunt, Wild Ed

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James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Great post and photos!

Legal crossbow has been a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

Legal crossbow hunting in Connecticut would be nice, there actually is talk of it I think.

Very nice post.

kenny 44 said...

good job lady's.that's what it's about.big buck's.i've bin bow hunting for 15 year's.never got a buck that big.2009 crossbow's.and i can't wait.3 year's practicing. GOOD JOB......

blue ridge summit pa.