Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where We Buy Our Outdoor Gear

I have been getting emails asking where do you buy this or where do you buy that piece of equipment. I do not have any sponsors at this time and I am just like most of you. I want to get the best equipment I can for my money. I am looking for quality and a fair price in whatever I purchase for use in the outdoors. Due to my budget I have often bought less expensive or off brand items and find that just like anything else there are jewels and some are just pure junk. In most things you get what you pay for is the general rule. In this modern age I find that the majority of my gear is ordered off the web these days just for the sake of convenience. I do shop locally and Academy Sports gets most of my business and I pay the same price you do or more. I have had real good luck with most of their stuff and what has not worked out they have stood behind while keeping my money in the local economy. Cabela’s and Bass Pro are a long drive so I only make it to their stores a couple of times a year, plus I also have found that after I make the long drive for one of their sales they are usually sold out and offer no rain checks. The following websites are some of my favorite online Outdoor supply stores. Take the time to order a catalog or look at the site. You may find something you cannot live without. The sad thing is I made no money nor did I get any free gear to bring you this information, therefore this is where I really buy my gear. May your gear last a lifetime, Wild Ed

PS: If you have a favorite local or online supply store send me the URL and we will try it out and pass it on to the folks that come here and read our page. :)

The following are not ranked and are in no particular order. They are just the places we shop to find good outdoor equipment at good prices on a regular basis.

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Rocket said...

Where do you buy shoot n c brand targets? Cabelas is too expensive, help please!

Wild Ed said...