Sunday, September 13, 2009

Texas Gem: Padre Island National Seashore

One of Captain Sandifers clients with nice shark

One of my favorite places to go spend a day or two is the Padre Island National Seashore at Corpus Christi Texas. The is a wilderness beach where big fish come in close to shore and sometimes I catch some of them. It is a wild place with uncountable numbers of birds that are a breath taking sight. From the terns and seagulls to pelicans and falcons all types of birds make PINS a stop on their flights. It is not unusual to see a Wiley coyote or a whitetail buck running the beach at daylight. The fishing is not a free for all but on some days the bounty of the ocean is at your feet in the first wade gut. On a good clear day you will see bait fish in the waves and predators right up against the beach feeding on the bait. It not uncommon to spot very large sharks cruising the wade guts very close to the beach. I have seen blacktips, bulls, tigers and hammerheads all caught from the shore. A famous saying by Captain Billy Sandifer is that if you are knee deep in the Gulf of Mexico you are an integral part of the food chain. He is one of the infamous guides on PINS and can put you on the fish. Check out his website at the following link.

Captain Billy Sandifer and Jack Crevalle

One of the best places to learn about surf fishing PINS is from the website for Breakaway Tackle at the following link. Breakaway is the best place I know to pick up the proper gear for a Texas surf fishing adventure.

Be sure and click on the Breakaway USA Fishing Show and listen in for the reports at the the top of the website.
Nick and his Cult will gladly give of their expertise to make you a dyed in the wool surf fisherman. I will warn you up front that it can be addictive to be standing on the beach and trying to cast to the far breakers for that special fish. Sometimes everything goes just right and you even catch a cooler full of those great fish.

Take the trip, Wild Ed

Enjoy the following videos made by Nick and his wife.

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Captain Billy Sandifer Video

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Anonymous said...

That area sounds down right awesome to visit. Seeing a deer run along the beach would really be a surprise for me.

Wild Ed said...

Rick I am amazed everytime I go down. It is a real experience to camp on the beach. We have had coyotes come into camp looking for handouts. I have seen falcons and hawks hunting shorebirds and getting ready to cross the gulf. Often we get to see bottle nose dolphins feeding in the surf. For those that live within driving distance it is on the must visit list.