Monday, June 29, 2009

Texas Ticks and Disease Prevention

I came home from a trip to the ranch with a passenger last week. I was lucky as I found it later that evening and was able to remove it. It was a Texas Lone Star tick. I struck a match, blew it out and touched it to the tick. The tick let go of me and I was able to remove it. Ticks can give you serious diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others. These diseases can be quite serious or even fatal. I am including a link below to a site that can give you much more qualified information than I can give you here about ticks and the diseases they can pass to us. Take a few minutes and learn about this creature that many of us come in contact with and what you can do when one latches on to you.

There are many bug sprays and lotions that help repel ticks but one of the best is an old time prevention my grandfather taught me. Take some sulfur powder and put it in an old sock. Just beat the sock around your boots and pants legs and the sulfur powder it leaves will repel the ticks. This method also repels chiggers. May the ticks and chiggers be biting something else when you pass by. Wild Ed

I received this email from another website today that shows how serious a tick bite can be. Here is the link to a must read

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Anonymous said...

Ticks are not a good subject with me.
My Lyme Disease Specialist recommended using anything with Permethrin in it. That would help to keep them off ya.