Friday, June 26, 2009


With a week of temperatures at 100 plus degrees the stress on wildlife here in Texas increases with each day. I have already seen some dead baby birds and lots of burned up vegetation. If you have artificial watering stations or troughs be sure and check them out to make sure they are working. If you have a way to put water out for wildlife now is the time to do it. I have also put out some extra salt mineral blocks and some supplemental feed as it will go along ways in this weather towards helping wildlife deal with the stress of extreme heat. Remember many animals are raising young at this time of year and have extra mouths to feed. The water trough is also a great place to put up a trail camera to see what wildlife is utilizing your water supply. Thanks for helping, Wild Ed

The picture below is of a salt mineral block inside a tire that we have put our for the deer and wildlife in the off season. It is in a fenced area to keep livestock out so that only the wildlife can get to the block. It is amazing how quick the deer and other wildlife use these blocks up. The timer on the ground next to the tire is off my supplemental feeder. The coons decided to dismantle it for the summer. I have ordered another timer to get the feeder going again.

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Albert A Rasch said...


I wonder how many "Environmentalists" and Animal Rights people are out there spending their money to help the wildlife like you are.

Make's you think!

PeTA: Cruel to Children
Where do Donations to the HSUS Go?.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Great advice, Ed. Not only for rural areas, but urban wildlife are also looking for relief. I keep several large dishes on the patio for the birds to use; fun to watch them drinking and bathing. It's been so warm that even the ground squirrels have been at the "patio watering hole."

Looking forward to more of your great photos!

Wild Ed said...

James the above pictures were taken by game cameras of others but I hope to have some more from my new Trophy Cam soon. ET

Anonymous said...

As outdoorsman & outdoorswomen we tend to think of the wildlife in a lot of different ways like is the weather effecting them like it does us.
To bad a lot of people don't see that we really do care.

Hunting Gear Guy said...

Hi all,

Just wanted to put my 2 sense in and agree that most people don't understand that just because we harvest GODS creatures for our well being that we do not contribute to their conservation at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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