Friday, July 3, 2009

Fishing Texas Creeks Close to Home

© 2009 Ed Thomas

The beetle spin landed with a plop sending rings of ripples across the surface as it sank into the dark water below an over hanging willow tree on the creek bank. I saw a flash of silver and orange as I felt the line go tight. Setting the hook I could feel the throb of a good sunfish as it swam in circles trying to get away from the pressure of the ultra light graphite rod on my end of the line. The small powerful fish swam in smaller and smaller protesting circles as I reeled it closer. The brilliance of orange and green color glistened in the sunlight as I lifted the fish from the water to unhook the tiny spinner bait, release the fish and cast again.

I had repeated this scene hundreds of times within a span of several hours on the creek right in the middle of town. The only difference was the species of fish at the end of the line and each was a surprise. Most were bluegill or some hybrid sunfish species but I had also taken largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass and one Rio Grande Perch all in a couple of hours spent on this stretch of creek. I was not in some distant exotic location but a mere 5 minutes drive from my home on Brushy Creek near downtown Round Rock, Texas. I had seen no one else fishing on the creek that day and had most of the time to myself. A few joggers and walkers stopped to watch me fishing and then went on their way. Traffic sped by on Interstate 35 just a short distance away without knowing what was going on just down the creek. A couple of kids saw me catch a bass and followed me around asking questions until I gave them a lure a piece and they went off happy to prepare for their own fishing foray on the creek at some later time.

I have discovered that some of the best times may be right at our fingertips here in Central Texas. I have found that the clear Hill country creeks, streams and rivers are a fishing Mecca that can be enjoyed for mere pennies. All one needs is a small spinning outfit or fly rod to spend a day catching fish. I recommend catch and release so that we can preserve this great fishery. Get out and try some of the waters close to home and see what is out there. You may be very surprised.
Good Fishing, Wild Ed

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