Monday, December 15, 2008

Texas Predator and Nuisance Wildlife Control

As the weather gets colder and small game prey animals thin out predators often turn to domestic livestock for food. After a hard winter when deer fawns are born and game birds start to nest the predators will take a big toll of our future game stocks. In some areas the numbers of deer and exotic fawns taken by coyotes and bobcats is unbelievable. Quail, Pheasant and Turkey nests are destroyed by raccoons and skunks. As many landowners now depend on game populations and hunting for a large part of the income from the land the importance of predator management is becoming essential to a profitable operation.

Traditional trapping and hunting methods are one method of control. More efficient models of traditional tools are being developed and two I have come to rely on are the Lil’ Griz dog proof raccoon trap and the Texas style fence snare. The Texas style fence snare is a short aircraft cable restraint loop with a relaxing lock. It is set on net wire fences built to hold sheep, goats or exotic game animals. It is simply hung from the bottom wire where you find predators are coming under the fence. It does not have to be baited and will remain ready until a predator comes under the fence and is caught.

The Lil’ Griz Raccoon trap is a dog proof coon restraint that can be set directly under or around livestock and deer feeders. I like it because a deer can not set it off and you do not have to worry about a dog getting caught in it. The coons are caught alive and you can decide what to do with them.

These are two of the tools I use and I thought some of you might need a new tool in your bag of tricks in predator control. Have a great Christmas, Wild Ed

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