Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Texas Barbecue Master is Dead

Bobby Mueller of Louie Mueller's Barbecue in Taylor has died. Louie Mueller’s in Taylor Texas has been a favorite of mine since I first walked into the smoke stained building in the early eighties. The tender brisket and great homemade sausage links were some of the best in the state. In fact the place was ranked in the top five in Texas which means the world as far as my family is concerned. The meat and sausage was served up on butcher paper and a tray with what ever sides and drink you requested. My girls grew up loving to go to Mueller’s and it became a family tradition. Bobby never failed to greet us with a smile and a sample bite of the day’s delectable fair. My father is gone also but in his last years anytime I took him to eat Mueller’s was where he requested to go. He would order 3 slices of brisket, 2 sausage links, onion and a Big Red. He always said he went to Mueller’s to eat meat.

Bobby’s son and others will carry on in Bobby’s tradition but they will have to fill a great void. Bobby thanks for all the great memories you created for me and all the others that walked through those smoky screen doors.

Keep the fires burning, Wild Ed

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