Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Texas Deer Feeding and Food Plots

The price of corn and deer pellets has gone through the roof here in Central Texas. My budget will not allow me to feed the amount deer feed I have been feeding in past years on our place in Lampasas. I needed to do something different to draw and hold deer on our small place. Last Saturday my uncle, my wife and I plowed and seeded four food plots and are now praying for rain. Two of the plots have always been planted in oats which draw some deer but get eaten down by the cows also. This year I planted a buffet and if it rains and the crops grow we shall see what draws deer and what does not. I planted oats, rye, rape, turnips and winter peas. I also put out 1/4 acre of some magical deer plot mixture that Wal-Mart had on sale. If it all grows it will be interesting to watch at what times the deer come into the plots and if they draw deer as well as traditional corn feeders which go off at certain times each day. I will try and post some pictures and let you know how these plots work out for us this year.
Do a rain dance for us, Wild Ed


Jeff Muszynski said...

Ed, I know this post is old but I am curious to hear your results. I am also a hunter in lampassas so our successes should be similar

Wild Ed said...

Jeff the oats, rye and a little clover came up. The deer are in the food plots as I type this, they come every morning and every afternoon to feed. Good luck, Ed