Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's AR-15 Black Rifle

I have recently become a fan of the AR-15 rifle. It is the civilian version of the military’s M-16 rifle. It fires one round with each pull of the trigger. With all the advancements it is rapidly becoming the rifle of choice for many predator and varmint hunters. The number one requirement for a varmint rifle is accuracy and one does not automatically think of the AR-15 as accurate or at least most used to not. With the new free floated barrels and the proper rifle twist for the bullet weight many shoot well under MOA. The AR-15 also has very little recoil because of the gas action and buffer spring system.
I recently purchased my first one and the females in my family have laid claim to this rifle that many call an assault rifle. It is the perfect rifle for someone that does not want recoil and wants to be able to see the bullet impact the target. It also allows for a follow up shot without having to take ones head away from the scope as there is nothing to bolt or lever.

A friend of mine recently assembled his own custom AR-15 from parts available from several major companies. This way he was able to build exactly what he wanted. Since my daughter will be shooting mine this fall I think I will go the assembly route and try to save a little money. I want to build a lightweight model but with a 16” stainless steel barrel and lightweight stock. I want it rifled 1 turn in 9 inches for accuracy with 50-60 grain bullets. I am choosing the flat top model receiver so that I can mount a scope on the rifle. I have already ordered my parts so I feel I can give you some links to parts suppliers. I got nothing free from any of them but made my choices based on reviews and opinions of others that had used their parts in the past. You can buy all the parts and assemble them yourself or just order a completed upper half and lower half. Then you just put the two together and you’re ready to go hunting. Remember the lower receiver is considered a firearm and must be sent to your dealer or have the dealer order it for you.

Have fun building your own. Wild Ed

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