Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Texas Wildlife Artist with Talent

Growing up in West Texas my little brother ran with a pretty unique group of guys. It seemed like they were always into crazy things and spent more time playing than working. I figured none of them would amount to much, but as time went by most of them adapted to normal lives and became a part of civilization as the rest of us know it. One of the guys was developing a talent for drawing and through the years I would see a pencil drawing or something else that he had done and realized they were pretty good. I lost contact with this group for many years until just a short time ago when I received an email from my brother asking me if I liked any of the wildlife prints he had just acquired from an artist. The pictures of the prints from the originals were beautiful. I mean these things are the kind of drawings that become Duck Stamps, Conservation Stamps and Outdoor Magazine Covers. I really like the artists work and wanted to know who it was that had done these beautiful waterfowl. I was really surprised to find out it was Ben Beaty of Houston, Texas. What a talent he has become through the years. Ben, I just thought I would tell you and others you have come far in your skill. If you like Ben’s work he can be contacted at the following address.

Ben Beaty
11818 Mill Trail Lane
Houston, Texas 77070

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