Thursday, June 26, 2008

Texas Sea Turtles Making a Comeback

So far this year 176 Kemp’s Ridley and 2 Leatherback sea turtles have nested on the beach along the Southern Texas coast. This will be a record year for the returning turtles which had nearly been wiped out. The turtle’s return is a true success story in wildlife management in Texas. There is, however, a dark cloud over this success story and the reason for my story. Two of the rare turtles have been run over by vehicles this year on the beaches of Texas. Driving the beaches of Texas is a privilege and not a right. If it becomes too dangerous for turtles we could lose that right during the nesting season. When driving the sandy beaches of Texas be sure and drive a safe speed and keep and eye out for the slow turtles. If you spot a turtle on the beach or a nest be sure and notify USFW or TPWD personnel. These beautiful animals are something we all need to help preserve and enjoy. It is a legacy we can pass down to our children and future Texans. Keep an eye out on the beach, Wild Ed

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