Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas Wildlife Suffers from Drought and Heat

In many parts of Texas the wildlife are really starting to suffer from the lack of rain. In some areas the fire danger is extremely high and the country looks all dried up and cracked. One hundred degree plus tempertures in the last month have added to the problem. This has a tremendous effect of wildlife populations as the food and browse is nonexistent during the time that many species are raising the next year’s crop of youngsters. The losses are not just in big game but affect turkeys, quail, dove and other animals. This goes right up the food chain and we even see losses in the predators as the prey base decreases.

The price of corn and supplemental feed has risen sharply due to fuel expenses, demand and shortages due to floods in the North and drought in the South. If you can afford to supplement the feeding of wildlife at this critical time remember to do so. It is also important in all this heat to maintain water supplies for livestock and wildlife. Hopefully fall rains will come early this year and give the wildlife of Texas some desperately needed relief. Take care, Wild Ed

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