Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fuel Costs and Fishing Texas

With the increase in fuel cost many fisherman are having to make drastic cuts in how much they go fishing or in how they fish. Many have found the cost of pulling a boat really adds to the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Those that go out with guides have seen the per day fees of coastal guides sky rocket as the cost of fuel to run a boat all day has gone out of sight. One alternative that many are looking at is fishing from the bank or in the surf. Surf fishing is one of the best and we have miles of coastline in Texas that we can fish.

Lots of people think that you have to have specialized equipment to surf fish but that is not really true. If it turns out to be something you really get into you can obtain surf rods and casting reels that allow you to throw baits out to the third gut or farther. A lot of people including me also use our favorite bait caster and popping rods to fish the surf. I often throw top water lures or plastics to trout, jacks and other fish in the surf. I have been known to throw a small surf weight with shrimp for pompano, croaker and whiting with my trout popping rig.

Instead of a boat one drives the beach in a vehicle to find places to set up and fish. In some areas of Texas beach driving is limited to 4x4 vehicles. Some drive looking for feeding fish or birds in a run and gun style of fishing. Other fisherman just find a favorite spot and set up and soak baits waiting for the fish to come in and feed. There are many methods and I use them all.
If you really want to learn about surf fishing from the experts then I would advise you purchase a DVD on surf fishing from Breakaway at the following link You can also discuss the sport with a great bunch of surf fishing addicts at the following forum

Nick at Breakaway Tackle also puts out daily surf reports from Padre Island National Seashore for those that would like up to date information. I have found Breakaway tackle to be one of the best places to obtain gear. Nick has specialized rods, reels and some of the best terminal tackle I have ever seen. I am not connected to Breakaway nor do I get any advertising or funds from them in any way. My friends and family have just found their gear to be some of the best and the expertise, knowledge and customer service excellent.

See you on the beach, Wild Ed

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