Friday, November 16, 2007

Game Camera False Advertising?

I am now using a Bushnell Trail Camera and have been very pleased with the model I have. I do wish it used a rechargeable 6 volt battery instead of D cells and it would be nice if the flash worked farther out. It was an investment of around a $115.00 and for the money I am pleased.
Bushnell has now sued Non-Typical Cuddeback for false advertising on their game cameras. We have all seen the commercial with the guy walking in front of the cameras. I looked at Cuddeback and liked the camera. I just could not see paying the price they wanted for them. I have a hard enough time leaving a $100.00 camera strapped to a tree in the woods. It now looks as though I, for once in my life, may have made the correct choice.
You can read about Bushnell Trail Cameras at the link below. While you are there if you are curious you can watch a test between Bushnell and Cuddeback cameras by clicking on Trigger Time Truth.

"Bushnell repeatedly tried to convince Non-Typical to remove its false and misleading advertisements, but they refused," said Phil Gyori, Vice President of Marketing at Bushnell. "While we much prefer to compete in the market—as we have been doing for years—true competition is difficult when faced with false and misleading advertising. Because Non-Typical refused to remove their false advertising, our management decided that this lawsuit was the only course of action left to us," concluded Gyori.
It is up to you and me to make sure these companies are on the up and up. They should be truthful and stand behind their products. We control where the money is spent and it is time outdoorsman spend their money where it will do the most good.
Have a great season, Wild Ed

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