Monday, November 19, 2007

Corn Bandits Gang Expands

My wife and I went up to the place to camp over the weekend. I found out I am getting too old to sleep on a pad on the ground. No more camping unless I have a nice cot. We took the lap top so we could see what had been to the feeders and had their picture taken on the Game camera. It looks like I need to have a coon hunt but we enjoy watching them so I guess I will just pay for more corn. One forgets how pretty the moon and stars are when you get away from the city lights and can really see the sky. We sat and watched the skies while listening to the calls of screech owls until we turned in for the night. All of us need to get out in the country a little more and rejuvenate our souls. I am worn out and need a couple of days rest to recover but nice memories were made and some lessons learned. Good camping, Wild Ed

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