Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Customer Service Saga Continues

Four days after I wrote the article on my experience with the Simmons Scope company I was contacted by email. I have enclosed it for you to see.

Name: Corey Foy


Subject: Eye rubber for Simmons 44mag

Message: Hello Wild Ed

My name is Corey Foy. I am a Consumer Solution Rep. for Meade Instruments Corporation. I would like to help you with your eye rubber problem. If you would please call me any time Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST at (229)-227-9053 ext.164.


Corey Foy
Meade Instruments Corporation

I called Corey Foy and he was very nice and apologized for the problem I had with the Simmons Representative I talked to the first time around. I very much appreciate Mr. Foy’s effort but want to say there is no excuse for the first contact. He told me the part I needed was available and one would be sent to me. I offered to pay for the part but he assured me that there was no charge and that I could publish his name and number in case any of you have a problem with a Meade product. I wish to be fair and responsible in what I report to you my readers so I am telling all as it transpired so you can be the judge for yourself. I will let you know if and when I get the part and anything else that transpires. I am always ready to give someone another chance as I hope others do me.

While we are on the subject of customer service I recently received this email from Mike T in Austin.

Subject: good articles

Message: I read all your articles. Good reading. Ditto on the companies that no longer offer decent customer service (unless they get some bad press!) While some companies have gone the no service route, Okuma rods is not one of them. I broke a surf rod I bought from them and they sent me a replacement free. Now that is service!
Mike T.

If you have a customer service story, product review or recommendation you would like to pass on send me an email by clicking on the link on the upper left hand section of the page. If you or your buddies have a good hunting or fishing adventure send it to me and I will publish them when I can. Hope you are having a good season, Wild Ed

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