Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Customer Service Alive and Well at Primos

I got a call the other day from my brother telling me that a hail storm had knocked out his Truth Cam 60 game cameras at our family place in Lampasas.  I told him to send the camera in and find out if it could be fixed but that he might want to contact Primos and request return instructions.  The following is an email he sent to me and I pass it on to you guys as we always try and let you know about the products we find dependable in the outdoors.  Since we buy our gear just like you we are always looking for the best products and service we can get for our dollar.  Once in a while you find a company that you want to stay with and that you can depend on.  When we do we will let you know, Wild Ed

It is a rare thing these days when you can actually say you received great customer service by any business, much less a large company that really doesn’t need to worry about you as a customer. I will however, go out of my way to promote a company that showed me the kind of customer service that I recently received. Around two years ago I bought a Primos Truth Cam 60 and started my obsession with capturing all the animals that come to my feeder in Lampasas. The more pictures I captured, the more I came to love seeing all of the animals that now come to my feeder on a regular basis. Deer, turkey, raven, crow, grey fox, bobcat, coyote, raccoons, ringtail, jacks, cottontail, vulture, feral cats, dogs, dove, roadrunner, and too many other little birds and critters to list. This year has seen several big storms roll across the ranch and as documented by the Truth Cam 60, several hail storms. The last storm that came through was quite severe as documented by the TruthCam. It was hailing pretty hard when the camera took a direct hit to the PIR sensor cover and broke the lens. The camera actually took a photo of the hail stone that broke it! The camera continued to document the storm, but missing the sensor cover would now take a picture every few seconds until the memory card was full. I sent a request to the folks at Primos asking if I could mail my camera back to them for repairs. Their answer was quite un-expected. They told me a replacement door for the camera was on the way to my house and as far as they were concerned, the matter was closed. No questions, no charge.

This is the kind of customer service we all wish we could get and unfortunately, it is rare these days. I will be purchasing another TruthCam this year for the sole purpose of monitoring who is coming and going through our gate this year, and who knows what other surprises that camera might catch!

Thanks for the great customer service.

A satisfied customer.
Austin, Texas

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