Thursday, March 1, 2012

White Bass Time at Colorado Bend

One of my favorite places to spend the day fishing or go camping on the Colorado River is at Colorado Bend State Park.  The word is that the White Bass spawning run has kicked in and you can get in on the action.  Located just west of Lampasas, where the Colorado River forms the border between San Saba and Lampasas counties is a beautiful State park in the Colorado River valley bounded by bottom lands with tall trees and high scenic bluffs. The water runs in long winding pools and shallow, rock-strewn rapids. In places, beautiful waterfalls cascade to the river below. The park is famous for the spring white bass run. The white bass swim up river to spawn out of the depths of Lake Buchanan. Fisherman come from all over the State to fish for the white bass each year. If you catch the peak of the spawning run you can stand and catch a white bass almost every cast. Most of the time you have to work a little harder for your catch, one of my favorite methods is fly fishing with small blue scuds or freshwater shrimp flies on an ultra-light fly rod. If the bite is slow I have found slowly paddling the river while trolling with a blue or blue and silver plastic grub to be the most productive for putting enough fish in the cooler for supper. If you are real lucky you might catch a striped bass, hybrid bass or channel catfish while casting or trolling on the river.

The fishing is only one reason to visit Colorado Bend; it is also a great place to view wildlife up close. Over a hundred species of different birds, feral goats, feral hogs, raccoons, grey foxes, bobcats, skunks, ringtailed cats, deer and armadillos all call the park home. Don’t leave any food out if you are camping or you may have night visitors you did not invite in your camp. Down stream from the boat ramp is a rookery of nesting Great Blue Herons worth the trouble for the adventurous hiker or paddler. If you watch close you might even get to see a Bald Eagle soaring up the river. You can hike to Gorman Falls or explore the many other trails in the park for days.

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Take time to take someone you care about into the wild and share the experience of making memories. Colorado Bend is a great place to start, Wild Ed

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