Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trail Camera Pictures Continue

My family and I have become addicted to Game Camera pictures. We cannot wait to get to the place each trip and change out the SD cards to see what has visited the feeders and waterer each week. Not only do we get birds and wildlife, but the little cameras are excellent at letting you know who is at your place when you are not there. We have found through the years that you pretty much get what you pay for in game cameras. We have had some inexpensive ones that would do ok on close-ups but let us down on distance, night and heat. We have pretty much stuck with the Bushnell trophy cams until my brother bought one of the Primos Truth Cam 60 infrared cameras. I now have a Primos Truth Cam 60 on order and will be using it soon at my wife’s new feeder. I will give you a report in the future; meanwhile here are some pictures from my brothers and my cameras over the last three weeks. Get out and make some pictures of your own. I think you will be surprised to see what you capture, Wild Ed


BabyWild said...

Like they always say, the proof is in the pictures! Always good to see what comes in to the feeders.

Michael said...

Awesome cam ! That type of footage is priceless! You'll get him in 2011. Thanks for sharing. I really like the footage.