Monday, November 14, 2011

Results With New Primos Truth Cam 60

Truth Cam 60 Test Area

To say I am impressed with the Truth Cam 60 is an understatement.  I put the camera out for three days and instead of just a few pictures it had taken 591 pictures.  The camera was placed approximately 60 feet from the feed pen as that was where the closest tree I could mount it on was located.  I would have liked to have mounted it a little closer to the pen yet the night pictures still let me identify the wildlife from that range.  The daylight pictures were good and the camera is so sensitive it took pictures every time a bird flew in or out of the feed pen, pretty impressive to say the least.  I am going to turn the sensitivity to medium and see if it will not take so many pictures of the various birds.  We ended up with pictures of deer, cows, turkeys, raccoons, grey foxes and a bobcat.  I have a feeling that I will really enjoy this camera.  I do however have a bone to pick with Primos on the 20/20 Mounting System I purchased for the camera.  The T-Post adapter does not fit the T-post size that most Central Texas ranches use in the fences and will have to be bent or put undue stress on the plastic mount.  The mount as a whole is made out of flimsy plastic and the magnetic connection was almost undone when I went to check the camera in just three days.  I am going to have to mount the camera somewhere else as I fear the mount will drop it out the tree and damage the camera.  The staff at Primos needs to get busy and come up with a mount that is equal to the great camera they are producing.  It needs to hold it securely without fear of the camera falling out and being damaged. I feel as if I just wasted $20.00 on the mount. Get out and take a few pictures of your own and I
hope you enjoy these, Wild Ed

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