Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Texas Fish Story

A group of my shotgun shooting buddies recently took some time off and went fishing on Lake Tawakoni, near Dallas. Off course I was not on the trip so they actually sacked up the fish. It is kind of like when I go somewhere and they tell me "You should have been here last week", anyway they hooked up with guide Jimmy Smith and he put them on the Sand Bass, Hybrids and Stripers. In one day fishermen Brett Wilson, Steve Wilson and Dennis Chapman boxed 91 Sand Bass,Hybrids and Stripers after releasing about 40 other fish. That is a great day on the water by any standard. The next day they only had about 2 1/2 hours to fish and still managed to box close to 80 fish. I have never met Jimmy Smith but this group swears by his ability and they all had a great trip. Congrats guys I know it is such a wonderful feeling to have a great trip at least once in a while. For the rest of us we can all dream of the next time we hit the water. Keep what you can use and release the rest, Wild Ed

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