Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nathan's Colorado Pictures

My nephew by choice, Nathan, got involved with a raven-haired, laughing-eyed beauty in Colorado not long after his return from serving our country in Iraq. I tried to tell him she would lure him away from Texas but you know how those stories go. Anyway he ended up with a beautiful girl that allows him to pursue his heart's desire in his work. He has taken a job he tells me is working as a Forest Ranger in Colorado. I think that he has pulled off the greatest con of all getting to do something he loves and being paid for it. I made the mistake of not following my dream for a profession and have always advised those younger than me to work at whatever your heart leads you to do so that every day at work is an adventure. Nathan got a new camera for his college graduation present and sent me some nice pictures from his work. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Pictures are memories you can look at later in life, take all you can. Get out and make some memories of your own, Wild Ed

Bighorn Ram Bighorn Ewe

Bighorn Ewe and Lamb


Mt. Evans Wilderness Area

American Goldfinch

Bumble Bee

Wild Honey Bees

You may have to blow this picture up to see

that Nathan is running from hundreds of wild honey bees!

This is my favorite shot for some reason. It makes me smile

just to think about it.

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