Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Place in the Texas Countryside

Photo by Jena Thomas

It has been a long time coming and I am sure it will be a while before we are actually there, but we started clearing the pad sites for our barn and home in the country near Lampasas Texas. I will have to get electricity to the site and drill a well in the near future. I took a few pictures for you to see what it is looks like right now. The pictures do not show the real beauty of those big oak trees nor the peaceful, quiet surroundings. I know that some day it will rain again and we will have green grass and trees to enjoy. We are in one of the worst droughts the region has known in a many years. You will have to imagine what the site will look like once it rains and we have planted native grasses and plants where we cleared the cedar, brush and prickly pear. We left all of the oaks and five red bud trees that will be in the front of the house. We only took out the cedar and mesquites with some brush and cactus. I hope to recreate the native landscape around our site but with native grasses and plants that will benefit the wildlife.

Photo by Mike Thomas

We hope to have many of our friends and family come in the future and make it a place that people love to come to watch the wildlife while finding peace and quiet. I sat under a tree there the other day and noticed it was not quiet at all, the wind was blowing and the leaves were rustling quite loudly. I could hear birds chirping, dove cooing and insects buzzing while cattle called in the pasture. I heard a red tailed hawk scream and a bob white' s whistle that is now all too scarce in our part of the world. Through all the wind and noise there was a restful, quiet peace that surrounded me. May each of you find your peaceful place in this world. I know a few who have found theirs,Wild Ed

I always try to pass information on to you guys when I find a product or service that does what it is supposed to do or someone in the service business that does what they say they will do. In this case I used Green Land Service Company owned by Harrell Clary. Take a look at their website
I have a feeling they will be doing some more work for us in the future.

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Brenda said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the beginning of the building project! Beautiful flower, Jena! Hope all goes well with your plans for your country home!

Gary and Brenda