Monday, January 17, 2011

German Chefs to Visit Texas

I recently received an email from a Chef in Berlin, Germany wanting to know where and what to take in on a visit to Texas. I am including Konrad's email along with my limited response. I am hoping some of you will leave comments about places you think Konrad's group would enjoy visiting. Thanks, Wild Ed

"Hi Ed

We are three chefs from Berlin, Germany who would like to get an insight on Texas wildlife and farming. Can you recommend any place where we could hike, fish, ride and overall get to see some of the Texan life?

We would be very happy if you could help. We will be in Texas by the end of March, around the 18th.

Thank you


Konrad, I want to warn you that Texas is big. It can take 10-15 hours to drive all the way across Texas. Here is a link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website where you can get information on fishing and hiking the parks along with entry and fishing license fees.
I would recommend you visit the Texas Hill Country and Highland lakes area which is along the Colorado River and all are good fishing and hiking. Be sure and go to Llano and eat at Cooper’s Bar B Que for a taste of Texas smoked meats. You might want to go south from there to Fredericksburg, one of the original settlements of German people in Texas. On the way to Fredericksburg you will go by Enchanted Rock State Park where you can climb the largest Granite dome mountain in the world. The view from the top is AWESOME. Be sure and stop to read all the historical markers along the highways about the German settlements and Indian battles in the area. The Germans were instrumental in settling the area and defending the frontier. My family on my father's side were originally from Germany and it showed in their work ethic and foods. Fredericksburg will let you see how important the German people were to Texas history and the development of Texas into what it has become today. Be sure and visit the city park and the historical statues. While you are in the Fredericksburg area take in the peach orchards and the wildflower farms. Ask people along the way where you should go and what you should see. If you stay out of the big cities I think you will find Texas to be a wonderful, friendly place. You would probably enjoy New Braunfels and Kerrville. In New Braunfels you can find some of the best Smoked Sausage in Texas. West Texas and then south to the Big Bend country across the high desert is nice also but it is a long way between towns. Marfa and Alpine are two of my favorite towns in that part of the State. Even a trip south to Rockport or Aransas Pass to take in the Texas coast and seafood is worthwhile. I don't know much about the High Plains as there is not much there but big farms as far as you can see in many areas. I haven’t learned a lot about East Texas except I hear it is full of trees and East Texans, although I understand they have some nice lakes, rivers and swamps. It is very hard to tell someone what to do on a trip here but I will stick with visiting the Texas Hill Country and the areas west of the Capitol of Austin. Blanco is a neat small cowboy town west of Austin and just north you can go to Marble Falls on the Colorado River and have pie and coffee at the famous Bluebonnet Cafe. It has some of the best pie in Texas. My grandparents used to take me there on Sundays about 50 years ago and it is still great today. Not far away is Inks Lake State Park which is a good place to fish and has some fantastic hiking trails. There are a lot of big carp, catfish and bass in the lake. You will find lots of deer and there are exotic game ranches with species from all over the world including the German Red Deer. The Hill Country has also become a center for vineyards and wine production in Texas. There are many vineyards and wineries that offer tours.
Be sure and eat a Chicken Fried Steak while you are here as Texas has some of the best. Have a great trip, Wild Ed

PS: Konrad, I am going to post your email along with my response in hopes that some of the readers will post additional information about where and what in Texas for you to do in the comments section. Be sure and check back to the site and see what is posted.


RR. The Kamper Man said...

The state is big so you have to plan wisely or spend time around here.

Adding options: If going close to Dallas-FT.Worth,
you can visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose; along the river you can see one of the best fossilized dinosaur footprints in the world. There are some trails around there.

Check the brochure at

Anonymous said...

Perdnales Falls State Park has some good hiking trails and the river is really nice. I don't know how the fishing is these days, but twenty years ago you could catch a lot of small mouth and Guadalupe bass on poppers with a fly rod.

wv was chines, that's a good one for a boat builders blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. As it turns out we wont have a lot of time. We will check ut your infos and still hope to find someone to invite us to their ranch in Texas. In return we share some german specialities recipe!

Anonymous said...

LBJ Ranch is a great place to see wildlife and Texas Hill Country.