Friday, January 7, 2011

Customer Service Alive and Well at Smith & Wesson Walther USA

One of my favorite little guns is a Walther P22 in .22 long rifle. I often carry the small gun with me when I don’t wish to carry a heavy large caliber pistol. I did a review on this little pistol a while back and here is a link to that review.

But this article is about the customer service from the Smith & Wesson which handles the Walther here in the USA. I lost the front sight this weekend while shooting with my wife. Notice I said with my wife not at my wife. We looked for the small detachable front sight but were unable to find it in the tall grass in the pasture where we were plinking. I called S&W this morning to see about buying a replacement. I could not locate my paperwork so I had no part numbers or anything. A representative answered the phone and asked how he could help. I explained what I had lost and he informed me I did not need a part number he knew exactly what I wanted. He also said I might want to put a little loctite on the sight to keep it there unless I intended to change it on purpose. He took my name and address and when I offered to give him my credit card number he told me there would be no charge. What a pleasant surprise from the usual customer service I have received here lately from some other companies. I can assure you my future firearm purchases will include S&W or Walther if they are available in the firearm I am needing. I just thought you might like to know, Wild Ed


texasflyfisher said...

You know Ed, I have been researching for a while a new pistol to carry during the warmer weather with tucked in shirts and the top one on the list ended up being the Walther PPS. I typically carry a Springfield XD 40 sub-compact and I love that pistol but it is a little thick and doesn't look right on my thin frame when I tuck in my shirt (my right hip looks swollen) so I wanted to find a thin pistol of about the same size, reliability and caliber and so far the Walther PPS seems to be at the top of the short list. Good to hear you had a good experience with their service as that will also help my decision.



Texas Fly Fisher: The PPS is an excellent firearm. I believe they have them for rental at Red's on 290 or in Pville. I recently shot the .40 caliber version and was very impressed with it's reasonable recoil. I understand the 9mm is even more reasonable.

My friend Max had a cylinder on a new lightweight Centennial develop a crack and sent it in. S&W replaced it with a new gun instead of just replacing the cylinder and sent him some swag to cover the cost of the shipping to S&W.

Albert A Rasch said...

Wow, that's GREAT!

Ed thanks for letting us know about the good things that are happening with companies that you deal with. I appreciate all your posts on your experiences with them!

Best Regards,
Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Albert Rasch In Afghanistan

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