Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Texas Longear Sunfish

The Texas Longear Sunfish inhabits almost all the streams, creeks and rivers in Texas. The name comes from the long opercle flap at the top of the gill plate which is always trimmed in white. The Longear is one of the most colorful fish in Texas waters. Males are often bright orange to red with turquoise markings all over. The fins are many times trimmed in a brilliant turquoise to blue green sheen.

In early spring though summer you can often spot their scooped out nests in the gravel of shallow pools. The males stay on guard and are easy to catch with small lures or flies at this stage. The put up a good fight on ultra light tackle but rarely exceed six inches in length and are best returned to the water to be caught another day. Get your gear ready and hit the creek for some fun with the Texas Longear Sunfish. The pictures are of my pet Longear, Bob. Wild Ed

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