Friday, December 3, 2010

Tasco 5MP Trail Camera Problems Update

If you read the original article I shipped the new camera back to Bushnell/Tasco on 11/5 and got a box back today 12/03. The box contained what appears to be a new camera or a new rebuilt. There was no explanation to let me know what was wrong with the original one or any other statement. I placed the camera in my back yard and it took quite a few pictures but only a few showed my dog in them. He would apparently go in front of the camera and trigger it but by the time it took a picture he was gone. Apparently since it was set to take three pictures when triggered it would sometimes capture him in picture two or three. I hung the camera about 20 feet from the front sidewalk this evening and it took several pictures as people walked by next to the curb. I could not make out anything about them. My dog went down the sidewalk and the camera took pictures and as you see no dog. I walked by at a very slow stroll and it did capture me but with a blurry no details picture. I sure do not feel like this camera would let one see details on antlers at any distance at night. I feel like for my use I wasted my money and got took on this deal. I will have to hang this camera somewhere where deer will be very close to the feeder and remain in the feeder pen or it will not be of use to me. The night time pictures will be a waste unless the deer walk up very close and stand still long enough for the camera to trigger and take their picture in the second or third shot. You might also want to read the warranty policy on Tasco and Bushnell Cameras before spending your money. I have recommended the Bushnell Trophy camera many times and mine has performed well so far. This Tasco is a waste for me. Just my opinion, Wild Ed


Albert A Rasch said...


Sorry I havn't been around lately, but we've been busy out here! I have to dig up that Blog Rodeo with the fellow who homebuilds awesome trailcams.

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
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Wild Ed said...

Albert, keep you head down over there.
I took the easy way out,I thought, and just bought a camera. I have never been to good at putting electronics together that worked. I have been learning lots of new skills lately so I may just have to give it go. ET

steveo_uk said...

seems to me the default shutter speed is set to low, so any movement appears blurry or not there. It sucks when this happens because it should perform as advertised