Friday, December 3, 2010

More From the Trail Camera at Megan's Stand

My wife and I spent the day at the family place plowing a food plot up in hopes of getting it ready for spring planting. Since we were not able to get an oat crop this year I think I will plant Milo and Sunflower in hopes of drawing in the dove for September and just leave the crop for the deer next year. We planted winter oats the first week of September and have had not one rain shower to bring them up since planting. We took the SD card from the camera at the feeder and put in a fresh one. We thought you might like to see some of what came in for a handout. before we left we put out a big pile of ripe persimmons and put the camera on it. We shall see in the next couple of weeks what comes to taste the persimmons. Wild Ed

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