Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to the New Mexico High Country

I was back in the New Mexico high country for a couple of days this last week and got to spend some time on a beautiful ranch and observe some of the native wildlife in their natural habitat. This article will be heavy on pictures so that I can share with you just a small part of the amazing time I spent in this part of New Mexico.

It is almost magic the way game appears in the early and late hours. One moment you are looking at landscape and the next moment one of God’s creatures is standing there looking at you, many times just as curious to get a look at this weird human as you are to get a look at it. Remember these pictures were all taken free hand on the run and in many cases terrible lighting, yet they will let you see some of what I enjoyed and give you some idea of the memories this trip will hold for me for many years. Get outside and enjoy your time there wherever it may be, Wild Ed

PS: I had a real scare with Pulmonary Edema on this trip and would urge each of you going from low elevations to high elevations to learn about altitude sickness and how it might affect you. This can be serious if you have heart issues or other complications. If you have any health issues discuss going to high altitude with your doctor so that you know what to do.

Ken thanks again for all your help. ET

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