Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sampling Brushy Creek for Native Aquarium Fish

My wife and I made a trip to our local creek today to gather rock and gravel to re-create the Brushy Creek bottom landscape in a 55 gallon aquarium. I took the cast net along to see what native fish I could find after the recent flooding. In about 30 minutes we cast netted several different species and return them to the water as this was just a trip to see what was available. We found Largemouth and Guadalupe bass, channel catfish, Creek Chubs, Blacktail Shiners, Threadfin Shad and multiple species of Sunfish. We soon had a following of kids as we threw the cast net and returned the catch to the water. As soon as the Aquarium is cycled and ready for fish we will be going to look for those special looking fish to bring home. Get out and enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful Texas fall weather and take some kids with you, Wild Ed


Michael Spinelli said...

Wonderful idea! Most fanciers tend to work with the exotic species, but a native aquaria should be delightful!

Mike S
Mike's Travels

Jerrel Geisler said...

Is there any problem with keeping certain fish?

Wild Ed said...

Some gamefish and other species are protected. Contact Texas Parks and Wildlife to see what species you can and can not keep. JMHO