Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where To Find Texas Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Knowledge

When you write an outdoor blog on Texas you get a lot of questions from readers about where to go and what to do. I am often asked what websites to check out, what forums I frequent and what books and magazines I read. I am a consumer of knowledge and read constantly so my tastes are varied. I buy several books a month from places such as ebay,, Half price books and others. Once I have read them I re-sell them on ebay or This allows me to read much more than I can really afford and get the exact books on whatever it is I want to learn to do at the time. I have recently been reading about strip building boats as I am building a cedar strip kayak at the moment. There are hundreds of thousands of books and videos that can teach you to do or build whatever your heart desires.

As far as websites I have a lot of favorites in many categories. It is amazing the information and wisdom available on some of these boards. I have listed some of the best here and you may wish to visit and look around. Who knows you might even become a valued member of one of these. If you have a favorite site send it to me and I will take a look, it might become one of my favorites also.

Enjoy your search, Wild Ed


General Hunting and Fishing

Predator and Varmint Hunting




Air Guns and Firearms

Kayak fishing and boat building

Fresh and Saltwater fishing

Flint Knapping and Primitive Skills



Anonymous said...

This is a very good idea for a post and one that is very informative, great idea.

Whitetail Woods

Wild Ed said...

Rick,there might be a few people out there that like some of the places I hang out, you never can be sure if there are others out there with our same crazy interests. Ed

steveo_uk said...

Thanks for the posts. I love your springers ! THere awsome dogs and great to have around !