Thursday, June 24, 2010

A True Texas Hunting and Fishing Magazine

I don’t work for any magazines and don’t have any contractual relationships with any. This allows me to be able to tell you what I really think about publications or the articles contained therein. That being said I do not often recommend a magazine to my readers. I have quit subscribing to some of the magazines I used to read religiously as they have become cover to cover advertisements and the quality of articles have gone down considerably. Most publications, even if they have Texas somewhere on the cover, are not really covering Texas as it needs to be. I have often wondered how something published outside of Texas could be an authority on hunting and fishing in Texas.

I currently subscribe to a magazine that covers Texas hunting and fishing along with issues that effect Texans. They have a bunch of contributing Editors or Field Editors that are long term Texans as a whole or at least they have been a part of the Texas scene for many years and spend a lot of time in the field here in Texas. Many of these guys work for Texas papers as outdoor writers and many are published in other publications. Month after month they come together to put out the best magazine that I have found that covers hunting and fishing in the Lone Star State. This group is not afraid to confront game laws, State laws, Federal laws or other things they see as not right or unfair. They often present both sides of issues such as antler restrictions, bag limits, slot sizes and other controversial topics. I have come to look forward to the monthly departments of such writers as Kendal Hemphill, Chester Moore, Ted Nugent, Doug Pike and Joe Doggett. I have been reading the writings of some of these guys most of my life so there is a lot of experience in the words of the pages of this magazine. There are a lot of other good writers but this group is my favorite and I read their articles first each month as I pour over the newest issue.

This publication is packed with hunting and fishing articles along with reports on Texas hotspots all over the State. The pages do have advertisements but at least there are a bunch of informative articles packed between the ads. If you haven’t yet figured out the name of the Magazine it is Texas Fish &Game. They have a website where you can read about the magazine and get all sorts of other information on hunting and fishing in Texas. There are tide charts, prime time fishing and hunting calenders along with other helpful news from around the State. They also sell a lot of great books concerning fishing and hunting in this great State. I pay for my subscription to this magazine with hard earned money just like you guys will have to and I highly recommend the publication. I wish I could tell you to tell them Wild Ed sent you and you would get a big discount, but I doubt they even know who I am. Whatever the current subscription price I find it to be a bargain and a magazine I read cover to cover all month until the postman brings the next one. Go buy the July issue and tell me what you think. I think you will enjoy it, Wild Ed

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