Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home Grown Texas Humorist

If you ever picked up a copy of Texas Fish and Game magazine you have most likely read a Political Commentary Column by Kendal Hemphill. Kendal covers important and often controversial issues affecting the Texas outdoors and the people that enjoy it. He is well informed and objective. Kendal is one of the last people I would expect to have the wonderful Texas influenced sense of humor that he does indeed possess. He has allowed this sense of humor to permeate the book he has just released.

The Buck Never Got Here is one of those books that you want to enjoy and then go tell someone else the stories. I am not going to repeat the stories here or tell you about that which is between the covers. I am currently in the process of enjoying the book at this time and will tell you that from what I have read so far every hunter and fisherman in Texas should read this book. No subject, organization or person is untouchable and Kendal feels free to shoot at anyone or anything. It makes me smile that Kendal does not know more about me or my hunting and fishing buddies.

In one chapter Kendal writes about boat building and a steel canoe that he built. He talks about building the six hour canoe… those that follow my blog will recognize that the six hour canoe is what I built in boat building class. I only had 40 plus hours of labor in mine so I am sure I must have done something wrong or the title is a lie. The epoxy takes more than six hours to set up hard so the title must be wrong. Anyway I did not waste time and did not find it humorous that Kendal points out that school children could build it according to the designer of the plans. However I am sure that the rest of you will get a kick out of my misery. The story in the book made me take a good look at myself and laugh. I am now starting boat number two.

You can get your own copy of Kendal’s new book

The Buck Never Got Here
by sending $14.99 plus $3 shipping to:

Kendal Hemphill
PO Box 1600
Mason, TX 76856

While you are at it pick up a copy of Texas Fish and Game and read Kendal’s Column along with all the other good articles published in the magazine. If you enjoy the Texas Outdoors you might want to just go ahead and subscribe.

Enjoy the read, Wild Ed

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