Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ultimate Predator, Rulers of the Night DVD Review

Photo by Ultimate Predator

I have been sitting around the house trying to recoup from a heart procedure that made me feel like some body just beat me up and pushed me down the stairs. I was not feeling like doing anything and then the postman drops off a package. It was a new DVD on predator hunting that I had ordered before I went in for surgery on the say so of the producer Chris Robinson. I was looking for a DVD with some more good bobcat footage and he sent me a note plugging his video. I decided to buy it and see if Chris and team knew what they were doing. I just finished watching this new DVD Ultimate Predator produced by Chris Robinson and am going through it again as I write this article. This video is done in typical Texas night hunting style spotlighting from the back of a pickup truck with both electronic and hand calls to bring in the predators. Chris does not go into the type of calls, lights or firearms used on the hunt. He does give you no nonsense hunts as they happen right in your face. The fact that technique and equipment are not discussed does not mean the Chris is not teaching lessons to those that pay attention. Several important lessons are shown as they happen. One of the most important was to keep calling after you shoot and you may pick up additional animals as many predators are not effected by the sound of gun fire. Another important lesson is when you start calling and turn the light on leave it on until you are finished, none of this flipping the light on and off. Several of the hunts show you how to stop animals for the shot and when to do so along with giving you a chance to understand the body language of your quarry. One Bobcat sequence drives in the importance of being absolutely quite as predators can hear better than you think. There are quite a few hunts with Bobcats, Coyotes, Grey Fox, Red Fox and even a Ring-tailed cat thrown in to keep your interest up. The filming is of above average quality and the narration clear.

All in all Chris has a winning DVD in my opinion and I give it a strong thumbs up. If you enjoy predator hunting this DVD makes you feel like you are right there in the back of the truck with the guys. I just wish they would hurry up and let me take my turn to shoot!

If you would like to watch a trailer on the DVD, order your own copy or just learn more about Chris and the team you can find a lot of information at the following link.

Another thing I need to mention but I am not pointing this out to embarrass the shooter. Those of us that hunt will miss sooner or later. If you have not missed you have not hunted much or you stretch the truth some. In a couple of sequences you see a shooter miss what looks like a sure kill with a shotgun. In one sequence the shooter misses multiple shots with a shotgun. Remember that your eye is the rear sight on a shotgun and if you lift your head up to look at the target you are trying to shoot you will miss. It also points out the importance of having your shotgun fitted to shoot where you look. For more information read the article at the following link.

Have a great time in the Outdoors. I wish you all good health, Wild Ed


Borepatch said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Wild Ed said...

Thanks man, I am just hangin in there for now. :)