Saturday, January 16, 2010

Texas Wildlife and Birding Trails

The older I get the more hunting I seem to do with my camera instead of a gun. One reason is dressing out game is work, so unless I have a true trophy in my sights I would rather take a picture than a shot. The cleanup of a photo is much quicker, cleaner and easier to accomplish. The only problem is you can't eat a photo, but my daughter and wife keep the freezer full so I don't have to figure that into the equation. Another reason that effects how much I hunt is the cost of leases and trophy fees for some hunts. In reality hunting in Texas is becoming more and more expensive. I have discovered that I can hunt Wildlife Management Areas, Refuges and State Parks with a camera for minimal fees. Another advantage to hunting with a camera is that I can hunt all year round and not pay attention to State Seasons.

Being such a large State Texas has a very diverse population of wildlife and birds. You can find such species as the Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Bear and Javelina of the Big Bend Country to the Bobcats, Beaver and Otter of the East Texas Marsh. South Texas brush country has special things like the last Ocelots in the State and it's own special hawk the Harris Hawk. The very southern tip of Texas even has neo-tropical birds for the birder. The northern plains have Pheasant, Prairie Chicken and Prairie Dogs to add to the list. No matter what area of Texas you choose you will find a diverse wildlife and bird population for your viewing and picture taking.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has come up with a trail system and maps to point you in the right direction and lead you to special places to see Texas wildlife. No matter what area of Texas or the species you want to see there is a Texas Wildlife or Birding Trail to get you there. There are maps of each trail and information available to make your trip all it can be. The following link will take you to all the information and tell you where to get your own maps of the great Texas Wildlife and Birding Trails.

Get your maps, cameras and gear together, load up the family and hit the trail. I bet you will find some neat places, see some great wildlife and make some great memories. Don't forget the camera, Wild Ed

PS: I wanted to tell you guys that I may not be posting for a little while as I am having a heart procedure done this week and am not sure how long I will be away from the blog. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated and I look forward to again posting for the many friends I have made with this blog. Thanks, Ed


Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow texan.. enjoyyour site and will visit often.. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hope your surgury goes well. We will keep you in our prayers!

Diane said...

TY for the links on the trails, and hope your surgery goes well - will pray for you.